Jeremy McLean, StoryBrand Marketer, New Brunswick

02 FEBRUARY 2019


As business owners we often think that the functionality of our product or the thoroughness of the service we provide is all that we need to focus on. While it may be the most important part of your business, we do know that having your product looking as good as possible or showcased beautifully will attract new leads. This is a universal truth and it applies to everything in life. We are humans that are attracted to beauty so when you are promoting your first impression of your company, it’s critical that it looks A+.


Once you have impressed a lead visually making that same look consistent throughout your brand will create the initial trust factor. How we at Valley Marketing do this with all our clients is – we create a Photography preset that we save in our editing suite. Every photo that we publish get’s this specific preset that has a very unique look. Every company we work with get’s their own preset with its own branded look. This means every photo we take, or anyone takes for that matter, will get this preset applied and the consistency of the look is always there.


It’s important for business owners to understand that the general public and even your target market is not close to the product or service like you are. They don’t see your product every day, they don’t know anything about it. Bringing them into your world and visualizing it quickly plays a big part in them truly understanding what you’re offering. The more you bring them into your story where they become part of that story (via messaging – see previous blog post) the more chance you have at making them a customer.


I often see websites filled with stock images that have very little to do with the company. We’ve all seen them. A team of people around a desk or someone smiling towards a camera. It doesn’t showcase the people behind the brand and you have no idea where that photo has taken place. By hiring a professional photographer you bring authenticity at the forefront of your brand. You’re suddenly showcasing the people behind the business and the area where your business operates. This especially works if you’re a local business that sells/operates within your local community. If people identify with the photography and brand your trust factor just went through the roof! 


The previous 4 reasons all come together to create #5. People who see a professional photograph are more apt to share it because it looks great, they trust it and they feel more connected to it and your company. All these psychological aspects all play a factor in people buying, but if they are not a target customer, it can still benefit your business if the viewer becomes a referral source.

Commercial Photography

When you feel proud of your product or service you made or deliver, it feels good. You know what you set out to accomplish has come with a lot of sweat equity and hard work. So wh would you put your blood sweat and tears into the public eye with an “ok” marketing strategy. Photos are just 1 piece to a larger puzzle but they do make the difference if someone will take notice and trust your brand over someone else’s. Most people are visual and make purchase decisions based on how they feel and see the product or service. View our work to see if you feel all your hard work would be presented in its best light with our commercial photography.

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