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Most marketing companies take a project-based approach that aims at getting high-paying clients. We work more like a long-term marketing expert for your small to medium-size business. We give you high-level branding and online marketing service at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee or project-based contract that simply ends and leaves you stranded. 

Most business owners are too busy to market their business. They want to focus on making their product or service A+. The problem most New Brunswick companies have is being held up with the design process or hiring a junior marketing rep that may be in over their head.  A great company deserves to shine in the public eye and get in front of the people who would like to purchase/use it. 

Our culture and the way we do business are service-oriented. We get back to clients within 1 business day and Jeremy, the owner, is always the 1 contact you will always have. Why? Because we take on a maximum of 10 clients ensuring you get the focus and attention your business deserves. Valley Marketing won’t be out-serviced by anyone in our field. 

“Valley Marketing won’t be out-serviced by anyone in our field.”

Jeremy McLean

why creative and design matters

Valley Marketing will provide you with an online marketing strategy that is focused on making sales funnels into your business. Think of machines that are turned on and you get to watch business come through your doors. Our customers love this. There’s lots of work to get there, but our main goal is to help bring you new customers and nurture the existing ones. 

With that said, we also bring a creative edge that really gives us a big advantage over our competition. Did you know people pay more for EVERY PRODUCT on earth if it looks better? This is why we work on branding first when onboarding new clients. We need to nail down how people feel when they see your marketing or use your product/service.  Step 1 is creating a branding guide that becomes your company bible for the next 10+ years. Once we have a consistent design for your company created you will be able to charge more if you choose to do so. People will trust your company more due to its consistency and professional feel. 

 Valley Marketing also has in-house photography and video services that bring more attention to your business. Studies show, as of 2022,  an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. People are devouring video content and prefer it over any other type of media. 

Did we mentioned Jeremy and Sean were hired by Tourism New Brunswick for their branded photography? Irving, Saint John Hospital Foundation, and many others hire us to take care of their brand/image. As you walk into a hospital or see a city bus with image wraps on it, there’s a good chance we captured it. 

Remember, our main focus is bringing new customers through your door but we hit the home run when we increase your companies and product/service value by creating a brand that people remember and love. 



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