Jeremy McLean, Photographer, New Brunswick

04 APRIL 2023

In 2022 we were hired by adventure outfitter, Outdoor Elements from Sussex, NB to capture their brand. Here are my top 10 images that scream adventure photography. 

Sussex bluff adventure

When we discussed what locations we could shoot an epic bike adventure, the Bluff in Sussex, NB stood out. When I asked if we could get staff out there before the sun comes up, John McNair simply said “Yes!”. 

Since I had quite a bit of equipment with me, I couldn’t bike, so I jogged the Bluff trail with 3 bags in tow in complete darkness at 5:45am. I did have a headlamp, and I do know the trail decently well, but kids, don’t try this! 

When we arrived at the 1st peak, we had just 5 minutes before the sun would start showing the beauty of everything the light touches. (Yes, I stole that from the Lion King).

We were lucky and the sun gave us a show. For the next hour, I played with the light and magical adventure images were created. 

There are not many adventure photographers out there, but you can tell who they are. We love getting up before the sun comes up. We get excited about doing things outside the ordinary. 

Backwoods winter adventure

One morning we headed up in the backwoods in the Hillsborough area. To be honest, I had no idea where we were. I jumped in the car with John and said goodbye to what I thought was civilization. 

One of Moncton’s finest artists, Jon Black, knew of a location that had John excited. It was off the beaten path, and was a steep hike up a large hill. 

There were 6 of us and the 5 adventurers doing the back hill skiing had speciality ski’s for climbing up steep hills. I had snowshoes and got my workout in early that day. 

We could have planned this day better for the sun, as we were up there mid-day. The sun was harsh and there was no hiding from it. While I didn’t get as many 5 star images as I hoped, I got a glimpse of what true adventurers in New Brunswick are really all about. 

They had a small little stove that we cooked a meal on. We shared stories, built a jump, and a couple of the guys not in their 20’s anymore hit it! 

Fundy national park adventure

John from Outdoor Elements, has a contract with Fundy National Park for the Bike Hut located near Chignecto Campground, and a Boat Rental Hut at Bennet Lake.

John, his family, and even his employees can be found hiking, biking, or boating quite often in the area. They live the brand that they show and that’s a sign of an authentic business.

I had the chance shoot a couple times in the Fundy Park area and each time I go back it’s an amazing adventure.

If you haven’t been to Fundy National Park or haven’t been there in awhile, I highly recommend to check out some of the trials by bike or on foot. It’s a breathe of fresh air and it’s nature’s best right in our backyard.

This place is an open playground for an adventure photographer.


If you would like to see more of our work, visit our commercial photography page.

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