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We’ve found from years of experience that long-term relationships and ongoing marketing work wonders compared to “building a website and letting it collect dust.”  .

We guide companies over the long term (5+ years) in affordable and highly targeted marketing packages. Our packages include Branding, web design, search engine optimization, online ads, newsletters, sales funnels, social media management, photography, video, email/calendar set-up, and much more. We offer custom packages to suit your exact needs.


Branding is how your product, logo, and all marketing materials make your customer “feel”.

A gym may want to make you feel confident, a massage business may want you to feel calm. Whereas, Marketing is the act of telling people about your business and is more about the “what”.

Without establishing a brand first, doing marketing is only effective for the short term. A strong brand builds the business for the long term showcasing consistency and creating trust. This is why all of our clients that onboard at Valley Marketing create or re-brand their business in the form of a branding guide.

Web Design

The first impression means everything to a business as people don’t have time to waste looking for a product or service. Where do most first impressions happen in today’s online world? Your website!

We not only make websites look beautiful with photography and great design, but we pay close attention to usability and having just the right amount of call to action. Our premium plans include Facebook pixel which creates highly targeted ads shown to people who have recently visited your website. This means you spend your ad dollars super effectively on people you know who are interested in your product or service.


Sean and Jeremy, the photography team at Valley Marketing, are a highly sought-after creative duo. Both have shot branding campaigns for Tourism NB, Hospital Foundation, Irving, and countless other businesses. They are also a well-known and highly respected force in the wedding industry.

Using original photography means you no longer have to worry about coming across as authentic.” – Top Floor


The most engaging form of marketing today is video. It also comes at the greatest investment but rest assured, there are times when a professional needs to be involved, and for others, the simple use of your cell phone will do the trick.

If you’re not using video in your marketing and your competitor is, who do you think is getting the most eyeballs?

“By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.” – Cisco 

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