Jeremy McLean - Photographer and Filmmaker

Jeremy McLean, Creative Director, New Brunswick

07 Sept 2017

What is the most confusing word that is thrown about on the web today? We believe it’s the word “CLOUD”. What does it really mean and is it really that magical?


-An online environment where you store information in a shared yet secure space, rather than on a local server physically at your place of business.


So why would you move to the cloud and does your business need it?


Well, the main reason most companies move to a cloud environment is for collaboration. At Valley Marketing, we use gSuite, which is Google’s popular cloud solution for email, calendar, documents, and more. It is built entirely on the premis of allowing colleagues to collaborate seamlessly across all the tools that they offer. Instead of emailing documents back and fourth the old way, cluttering your inbox and tracking version changes, you simply share a link to your documents and you can have 2 or more people editing the same document in real time. If accounting wanted to share multiple financial statements with you, they could share an entire folder and send you a link to give you organized access in seconds without leaving your own computer or mobile device. You can edit on the go on your mobile device and track all the changes for the past 30 days all in the same document. Pretty collaborative, right?


The 2nd reason why would you choose to move to the cloud is because it backs up all your files, email, schedule, and contacts securely. You never have to worry about a fire ruining your business and you can say goodbye to most if not all paper processes in your company. Did your phone drop 10 floors and smash onto concrete? Not a problem. When you get a new one, you login with your username and password and voila, everything is there synced from the cloud. This kind of peace of mind is worth the investment alone.


The 3rd reason you would want to move to a cloud solution like gSuite would be due to the ease of use. It’s as easy as entering in your email and password on your phone to gain access to your business email which is synced across all your devices, no matter if your at work or home. Have an iPad? Great, login and you have access to all your business documents, email, calendar, and more. There’s no steep learning curve and Valley Marketing provides any training you need.