Valley Marketing helped our company design and build our new website. We are really happy with it. We had high expectations and they met them! We had a great time working with Jeremy, our web designer. I am deeply impressed with his expertise and hard work.”

David Xu

Owner, CJ International

My experience in working with Jeremy was outstanding. We had a very tight deadline for our project, we needed both english and french versions and we were basically starting from scratch. These challenges were compounded by a 4 hour time difference between our locations.
In spite of these challenges, Jeremy exceeded expectations and was ahead of schedule on every aspect of the project. He quickly grasped our vision and transformed it into working concepts we could see and respond to. The end result exceeded my expectations in both quality and impact.
I plan to use Jeremy for future projects as our needs are always changing. His responsiveness, excellent communication and design skills make him an invaluable resource for my company.”

Kelly Zmak

President, Infinite Game Publishing

Working with Jeremy was a pleasure, he went out of his way to make sure Above The Line’s website did what it was supposed to and looked good while doing it.”

Lori Weir

President, Above The Line

We had a website before coming to Valley Marketing, but it lacked a professional look and feel and we could not be found in any of the search engines. Jeremy transformed our website into something we could be proud of and we are now plastered everywhere when searching for our paving company. It was the best marketing dollars we’ve spent in years.”

Corey McAllister

Senior Manager, Brown's Paving

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