Email, Calendar, Documents synced across all your devices


1. Learn your needs

Most 1st steps include sitting down and really learning what your needs are. The fact is almost every company is now moving to what we call a “CLOUD” environment where email, documents, calendar, contacts, and more all are backed up securely and synced across all your companies devices. They should have called the cloud “the not have to think about IT and everything just works magically environment”. The word cloud can sound intimidating to some, but in reality it makes communication between everyone within you company much better, and the amount of IT related issues that come up go way down.

Everything just works, and it takes the headaches and stress out of IT. Leaving the hard work to us makes your life managing the company a whole lot easier.

2. Set-Up

If you’re not set-up in the cloud already, then step 2 will consist of us getting your employees set up with their email addresses in the cloud, and basically managing the technical side of the process. It doesn’t take long if you currently do not have an email system, but if you plan on moving an older architected system to a new cloud environment, there will be more work involved.

*Ask about Valley Marketing’s new optional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud solution. It’s affordable, works seamlessly with website and email, and keeps all your business contacts information in one convenient place (in the cloud!).

3. Training

Every client we’ve worked with loves how easy it is to access their email, calendar, and documents. We get nothing but positive feedback and once employees get started the large hurdle is behind you. Training can be done in person or over online video share. Some employees may need more assistance than others and we are always a quick call away from helping in any way we can.

Quick Stats

82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the cloud. by @nskinc via @wikibon @siliconangle

By 2020, 0% of companies will have a no-cloud policy. (Gartner, 2017)

More than 3 million paying businesses are now using G Suite to collaborate smartly and securely in the cloud. (Google CEO, 2017)

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