Marketing Tips


Jeremy McLean, Marketing Expert, New Brunswick

29 JULY 2018

We often ask businesses we sit down with for the first time “Where do your potential and current clients data live?” or “How do you keep all your contact information organized and up-to-date?”. 9/10 we get an answer that tells us they desperately need our help. A CRM (customer relationship management) tool is a database of client information. There’s thousands of them out there to choose from, so there’s really no reason to spend a fortune on a custom solution anymore. You can sign up for a CRM online and most sync effortlessly all the data for your company securely across all the devices you use (desktop/tablet/phone).

22% of salespeople still don’t know what a CRM is, and 40% still use informal methods like spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data.


Don’t let you or your business be included in the % that doesn’t know what a CRM is or is still using spreadsheets or email programs to store customer data. You are LOSING so much efficiency for your business by not investing time to learning how easy a CRM is implemented in your company.

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